Clean and Beautiful

Keep Peach County Clean & Beautiful (KPCC&B) is committed to educating the general public on litter reduction, proper solid waste management and environmental beautification. Objectives. KPCC&B encourages attitudes to enhance and promote clean communities through cooperation with the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation.

KPCC&B conducts educational programs on recycling and the reduction of litter and solid waste for schools and local civic groups. KPCC&B operates two 24/7 recycling centers. The Fort Valley center is at 508 Old Macon Road. The Byron Recycling Center is located at Jail House Alley and Church Road.

The centers accept newspaper, magazines and catalogs, mail and shredded paper and computer paper, paperboard, cardboard, household plastic (#1-7 only; no bags of any kind). Also accepted are clear and colored glass, aluminum cans, computers and printers (Fort Valley site only), motor oil (Fort Valley site only). Bulk cardboard from local businesses in Peach County is also accepted for recycling.

As part of the effort to keep Peach County clean and beautiful, the Fort Valley Public Works Department and Advanced Disposal for the City of Byron and Peach County pick up limbs, leaves and grass clippings. Limbs must be four feet or shorter.

Executive Director Jann Culpepper has been employed by the Peach County Board of Commissioners since 2009. She was born in New Orleans and moved to Peach County in 1972. She graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. Degree in Education and started Clean Community in Peach County in 1990. Jann has two grown daughters and four grandchildren and loves being a grandmother, animals, gardening, music, antiques, horseback riding and reading.